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The mind and body create our experiences—the mind through thoughts and images and the body through felt sensations and emotions. The foundation of these experiences is energy. By skillfully integrating the experiences © HudStone Images of your mind and body, as well as their energetic foundations, you can fully become your true self. This is a profound and healing journey.

Having a uniquely experienced, intuitive, and wise guide assist in this merging can enhance and accelerate the process of healing and becoming whole. With Michael as your guide, you can:

  • Learn to integrate the mind and body through deep presence.
  • Discover easy-to-use healing techniques that help you move beyond fear, release pain, and heal trauma.
  • Explore the healing that results when illusion is gently released.
  • Uncover the peace at your core and take root there instead of in the chaos, pain, fear, or emptiness with which some people mistakenly identify.

For more than 25 years, I have formally trained, practiced, and lived my passion for healing. My style is eclectic, respectful, nurturing, direct, and effective. It has evolved, as I have, through thousands of hours of session work with individuals and groups, and by way of my own rich and very challenging life experiences. I work with my clients over the phone or in person.

Please explore this web site and share your comments with me. I welcome all inquiries. It would be my deep honor to skillfully guide you on your healing journey. Together we can produce amazing results.

Michael L. Bock, MLB Healing