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Panic Attacks and Anxiety

The state of anxiety is the foundation of a panic attack. The anxious feeling that originates with the trigger situation or stimuli gets generalized to similar experiences as it moves through the body. The range of activities that can bring forth a panic attack greatly increases. The final result in the formation of a panic attack is that the person begins to fear the fear of the attacks. That's when they start altering their behavior to avoid situations that would bring on an attack. The major coping skill is avoidance. When it gets to this point, a person can be quite fearful, focused on the future, and have a very constricted energy field.

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In the process of attempting to distance herself from the anxiety, a person moves out of the body and disassociates. My solution to this vicious cycle is to reinforce the mind-body connection by slowly starting to move back into the body. To heal, a person must discover and connect with parts of her body that are not anxious or not as anxious. As she reclaims her body, she can actually feel her feelings instead of attempting to disclaim or disassociate from them.

I believe that the key to success is to slowly feel your feelings without enhancing them through thought and to experience the phenomenon of feelings shifting as they are fully engaged. The culprit is not the feeling, but rather the conditioned response of moving away from the feeling and having the negative feeling reinforced by continuous negative thoughts and images.