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Quantum Healing

Physics and spirituality have been moving closer and closer over the last twenty years. One of the prime movers of this phenomena was Jane Roberts, who channels Seth. Recently, quantum physics was featured in the film What the BLEEP Do We Know? © HudStone Images There are numerous books written by physicists and spiritual masters from a number of areas of study that share similar views developed from these two divergent sources. The physicists developed these philosophies from studying the external world, whereas the yogi, shaman, and priest developed theirs from studying the internal world. Many highly developed and enlightened people have said that the outside world is a projection of our inner domain. This is now beginning to be discovered and proven by science.

Quantum Probability Healing

There are a number of different concepts in quantum physics that have interesting possibilities for innovative healing. I call this healing through enhancing different probabilities. We have all wished, at times, that we'd made a different choice about something. We've wondered how our lives would have been different. We also seem to hold on to the past and allow it to affect the present and even set trends for the future. The truth is that the past only exists in the manner in which it is referenced. No one ever holds the past as it truly happened, as it is influenced by original and present inferences, and they contribute to produce the past remembrances. We cannot live in the past, and the past can impact us based solely on how we hold and view it in each present moment. In our culture, we certainly hold on to past mistakes and resulting judgments by others, as well as by ourselves. We often blame others for outcomes, and many of us are quite effective in blaming ourselves for certain life situations that actually resulted from a number of causes. Furthermore, we continue to let past conclusions influence our present circumstances.

In quantum probability healing, you can start to energize a probability that you have not chosen to experience. In the book The Eternal Validity of the Soul by Jane Roberts, Seth suggests that probabilities on which you have not acted have been manifested, but you have © HudStone Images chosen not to perceive these experiences or their outcomes. This means that a life event not experienced has actually occurred but was not perceived. You aren't participating in a misconception with this belief, because according to quantum physics, the outcome of that probable event has continued on but isn't a focus of your perception or considered part of your past experiences. In other words, there are many probabilities in life, and when you focus on one probable event, other events do, in fact, occur and continue to develop without being recognized by you.

You can use quantum probability healing by choosing a life situation that deeply disturbed you. You then replace this event with one that is more helpful or beneficial. The new event that you choose is one that, if it occurred, would give you a better self-image and a more energized view, which would allow you to act more favorably to obtain a present life desire. You must continually evoke and energize this new choice in a manner similar to the way you reinforce other events from your past. This process will draw to you opportunity for the more desired outcome while connecting you closer to the unfolding life stream probability in which you want to live.

A concise method would work like this. First, you choose a life situation you would like to change. Then you choose a different action or behavior for that event. You replay the new scenario with vividness, emotion, and sincerity. You continue to evoke the past with that view and call forth the felt sense experience that moved forth from the new rendition. You need to embody the new experience and its energy within you. Then you share this experience with some other people, involved or not involved, and have them hold this as you do. As you repeat this process, you can see and feel how the new energy within you in each moment leads you to new possibilities connected to the original probability that you did not actually choose.

Part of me says that this is all foolishness, but © HudStone Images remember—people with multiple-personality disorders can have a disease, such as asthma, in one personality and not in the other. Another interesting fact is that through hypnosis, people have received a completely new past that allowed them much more freedom, uniqueness, and choice for their goals and desires in their present lives.

The major reason that this form of healing appeals to me is that anyone can experience how powerfully they can affect the past, so it is easier to let go of experiences that have promoted negative self-conditioning. Remember, all of your cells are replaced every seven years, and if you encode new energy because of a new remembrance, you can become completely new. You are not your past, and this is a major way to make sure you do not allow the past power in each present moment. You are new in each moment, and this process reinforces your unique newness that continually arises in each moment of now.

It is my view that it is best to have three sessions to choose, create, and energize the new past view. The first session is used to choose and recreate the past, the second to relive the past, and the third to continually evoke the past.