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Weight Management

One of the most profound and easily recognized mind-body connections is related to body weight. Habits, stress level, lack of sleep, poor exercise, lack of self-worth, and other emotional issues all affect your weight. Sometimes we eat as a response to our feelings. This is a learned response that was most likely formed as a defense mechanism in childhood.

In my experience, losing weight is a huge challenge—both physically and psychologically—for most people. Weight loss requires a major shift in the mind-body continuum. © HudStone Images Successful weight loss is a combination of exercise, diet, and emotional well being. My belief is that the mind-body connection is an integral part of developing a healthy body and is an essential ingredient in a successful weight loss program.

My weight management sessions start with the nutritional philosophy of Ann Louise Gittleman and Hazel Parcells. The Fat Flush® plan is the prescribed diet. Appropriate, non-strenuous exercise is recommended.

I will use techniques to teach you to embrace and fully engage with your feelings. You will learn how to work through cravings and focus on the present day of your diet. In addition, we will address your attitude toward your physical body since your attitude can affect your weight.

These sessions will also allow for constant feedback on an as-needed basis through email and short phone conversations. Anyone losing weight needs support from a stable emotional presence that is nurturing and encouraging while being direct and real.

Note: Some people have trouble losing weight because of enzyme, hormonal, or other physical irregularities. Referrals to other practitioners are available if other medical factors become apparent.