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Trauma and Depression

In my view, both trauma and depression have developed from a mind-body reactivity cycle that continues to reinforce the state of emotional discomfort. The mind runs habitual thoughts and images that produce the distressing feeling states in the body. Some of these thoughts are conscious, whereas others are unconscious and pass beneath your level of awareness. The result is a continued state of depression or trauma.

In the case of trauma, an extremely stressful situation or a time of high stress can cause the body to form a trauma reaction. Associations are formed between the body and the mind that continue to run and create the trauma experience.

© HudStone Images Shifting thoughts and associations around the trauma can help. However, trauma is more than a psychological problem—it is also a biological problem. The body needs to complete the stress reaction cycle that was started by the traumatic event or high-stress period of time. By using awareness, embodiment, trust, and the mind-body continuum, you can complete past experiences and release charged-up processes that are incomplete.

A depressed person turns his or her feelings inside against himself or herself, or continually attempts to disown or disconnect from his or her feelings. The healing process requires a safe healing environment that encourages you to become more connected with your body. Then you can slowly start to unwind the negative reactivity cycles by feeling bit-by-bit the full force of your feelings.

In my view, anxiety is a state, not a feeling. When you slowly and safely feel your feelings, you let go of the congealed and continually activated state of anxiety. Feelings that you fully acknowledge and experience can then shift and move through you like an intense weather system, and you find that sunny weather or a sense of calm follows. As you use subtle energy techniques, working with the relationship between body and mind, you can create a new cycle of calming connections between body and mind.