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Artists, psychics, and scientists who, in one form or another, are on the edge of human consciousness, agree on one thing—that we are moving into a new age with a new evolutionary energy. Everyone has a different view of how this is happening and how to proceed.

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Some people who feel the shift are connecting it to the fear in their psyche and believe that the end is coming. Most of us believe that we, as humans, need to get it together before we destroy our environment or polarize our beliefs with regard to others and cause some major catastrophe. Regular people, like you and me, sometimes sense that change and feel that somehow we have a part in it.

Healing Plus consists of healing activities that attempt to engage and work with new possibilities and probabilities that will help us heal and evolve. It is my belief that if a new energy is coming, part of that energy is the ability to transform in a fun and joyful manner. Healing Plus is my own effort to move in that direction.