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Dream Work

I have been interested in dreams for a long time. I have read innumerable dream books, participated in dream classes, and interpreted my own and others' dreams as a means of emotional growth and spiritual well being.

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I have always been attracted to the concept that anyone who follows their dream life and honors their dream-maker, while using information gleaned from the symbols and themes found in them, will have greater spiritual enrichment than anyone blindly following religious dogma. By simply keeping a dream journal, you will discover that you have your own personal symbol bank. As you continue to work on how these symbols affect you, you will move deep thoughts and beliefs from unconscious to conscious realms and might even encounter the sounds and songs of your soul. In my life view, dream interpretation is a very worthy endeavor.

I have been amazed at the number of clients who spontaneously share a dream during a session. They might be discussing some issue or a past experience, and they remember a dream they want to share. From observing this behavior, I have concluded that there are © HudStone Images levels of our unconscious selves working to help us learn, grow, and evolve. When sharing and reflecting on the dream and its symbols, the client is able to do healing work on a much more profound level.

It seems that our culture and this age on earth is over-involved with outside stimuli and external experience. We are out of balance. We need to recognize that we have an inner life, and the ways in which we tune in to our inner life significantly affects our external experiences. By continually affirming our inner life by recalling dreams, holding them as mystery, and sharing them, we honor and affirm our inner selves.

I have worked with people who occasionally use dreams for enrichment or to solve specific emotional issues. I have also worked with people who will contact me for one session to work with a single dream, a recurring dream, or a dream theme. I believe that all varieties of dream work have value, and I invite you to engage deep aspects of yourself through dream work as it is called forth in you.