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Physical Illness

Physical illness is considered by many to have a mind-body connection. This connection seems to vary to some degree, based on the disease. For example, fibromyalgia and Crohn's disease seem to have a strong link to stress. They are diagnosed during times of high stress, and flare-ups usually occur during a stressful experience. For diseases that range from colds to cancer, there is some supporting evidence of a connection between a person's emotional state or immediate sense of well being and the occurrence of the illness. © HudStone Images The logical conclusion is that the more time a person spends in a state of high stress, emotional tension, or pain, the greater the likelihood that she will contract an illness.

There is a theory that the immune system is compromised by a continuing negative emotional field. The body is more vulnerable during times of emotional difficulty and is somehow ripe for disease. Subtle meridian therapies have reported situations of healing a wide variety of illnesses. My own experience is that subtle energy therapies that work the mind-body continuum, when used with other healing modalities (including both Western and Eastern medicine), create a greater opportunity for healing.

Disease, in its simplest form, does affect and comes forth from a compromised energy field and, at some point, manifests as an illness. There are many environmental and microbial contributors that are specific to each disease. These external factors can more easily take hold in the body as disease when the energy field and the resulting immune field are compromised. Therefore, it is important to pay serious attention to the internal state of your emotional field.

Contractions, congealing, being stuck, holding, states of fear, long periods of emotional pain, extreme loss, anger states, and prolonged stress each create a conducive atmosphere for disease to take hold. Expansion, flow, gratitude, positive expression, sharing, and loving all contribute to building a strong immune system and hinder disease. In short, contraction and congealing promote disease, and expansion and flow create health and healing.

This philosophy becomes paramount during times of illness. Fear and depression during illness reduce the body's ability © HudStone Images to heal and actually encourages the disease process. We must continually work toward maintaining a positive emotional state during times of illness. This does not mean that you should fake happiness, but rather that you should feel and allow the flow of feelings and not contract and congeal into a place of being numb or stuck.

Moving through fear and engaging in life with presence and aliveness is essential to healing any disease. It is my view that transformations can occur during times of illness. Transformations occur when one continues to address his or her emotional field, which is created through the mind-body continuum, with deep awareness and presence that creates a fertile field for healing to occur.

These sessions will help you create an attitude of healing, as well as to address the symptoms through mind-body techniques that work with the energy field of the body.