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My husband and I are happily married in large part because of Michael Bock. Getting marriage counseling with Michael was like going back to school and taking a personal tutorial in "Making your Marriage Thrive".

Living in a remote area in Central America, my husband and I needed to find someone who could help us over the phone, which Michael did. He was excellent. We use the tools and wisdom he taught us on a daily basis. As a result, our marriage is strong and keeps getting stronger. We continue to be challenged but surmount those challenges relatively quickly and with more laughter.

Last week I was talking with a friend who is teetering on the edge of divorce. This was a friend who had encouraged my husband and me to get counseling. Now the tables are turned. She said that when she told her daughter that they were planning on getting counseling, she held us up as an example. The daughter was flabbergasted that we had ever needed it.

Katy in Central America

I wanted to send you this note of deeply felt appreciation for your amazing heart and skills as a healer. Your many years of rich experience and voracious appetite for learning have truly served you and your clients well. I love your eclectic style, open-mindedness, and flexibility.

Being able to work with you by phone has saved me from going it alone, since I simply cannot get to you on a frequent or regular basis. If anything, the phone sessions are more effective, since I do not have to follow them with a long drive while distracted by the profound after-effects of our sessions together.

I find your healing skills to be very on-target for my relationship, body, and work issues but really felt things accelerate for me when you introduced the tapping routines. Combined with the other healing work we do, tapping gently and quickly uncovers hidden pieces to my life's riddles and helps me to discharge much of the emotional burdens I hold without huge investments of processing time and energy. I'm all for the short and easy path, when available.

Most of all, I want to thank you for your total presence when we work together. I can feel the quality and level of your attention when we work together—regardless of the method—and attribute much of my progress to that alone. You are a healer, Michael, not just from the skill level of things, but in the essence of your being. I feel so lucky to have you as an ally on my journey.

With Deep Affection
Lisa in Millbrae

I began seeing Michael in a period of major transition in my life. With his support, this life transition—divorce—turned into a transformation. I woke up from my trance and discovered how much more I was than simply the roles I played—wife, mother, and Silicon Valley executive. The work we did together on growing beyond the religion of Motherhood has been especially profound for me.

I continue to see Michael for help living with a chronic health condition. My life had turned into a constant exercise in pain, suffering, fear, and depression. With the tools Michael has taught me and the ongoing support he provides, the balance in my life has shifted to more joy and happiness than struggle. I am no longer trapped in my conditioned responses and can make conscious choices about how I respond to pain. It doesn't have to drag me down into fear and suffering. I now have hope of a future that is not ruled by this negativity.

As challenges come up in my life, I know that Michael is there for me with love, compassion, respect, and practical tools. With deep gratitude I fully recommend his services and wish that everyone could have this kind of support.

JM in Palo Alto

I met Michael five years ago when my husband and I were struggling with the end of our marriage. Michael counseled us—together and separately. He helped us to establish and keep a kind and loving relationship, despite and throughout the divorce.

I have recently returned to counseling with Michael for my own personal growth and change. He has helped guide me to a place in my life where I have found courage, happiness, and peace with myself and in my relationships.

Kate in Palo Alto