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Consciousness Development

The location from which you live in the body affects the quality of your life. We all have been conditioned to live almost entirely from the head. Most of us have little connection with the body. The connection to the body usually comes from dance or physical activity. Our other body connection comes when we quickly and sometimes instantly jump from the head to the body and back to the head again. Most of us are usually running thoughts from the mind and © HudStone Images reacting to the external world, which is absorbing most of our attention, awareness, and energy. Continuing mind thoughts with almost exclusive external awareness is how we live in and process the world. We are in a constant state of reaction to the world from our five senses and the interpretative thoughts regarding our experiences coming through our head.

The result of developing your consciousness is that you will live a more full life. To develop your consciousness, you must take control of your awareness and be able to put your attention in a number of different areas at the same time. This is called multi-dimensional awareness. When you do so, you learn to be present with the body while being focused in the world and also attuned with your mind's thoughts. You can even add more levels of awareness.

As you develop your consciousness, a major shift begins to occur. You feel a sensation in which your awareness begins to reside in your body, rather than in your mind. When that happens, you can begin to lead from the body, and the mind follows. The mind now becomes a tool and is not in charge. In living and leading from the body, and more specifically from the heart, you discover that you are living your life from a deeper connection to your heart's desire and are only a short way from your soul's flow. In living more from the body while being less dominated by the mind, you will discover that you feel more but are less reactive. From that time on, your past conditioning has less control over you.

When living almost exclusively from the mind, a person can easily get caught up and overwhelmed by their emotions. © HudStone Images Sometimes people don't notice the emotions until they become so strong that they surge forth and take charge. Their awareness is so locked into the mind that the energy charge in the body is too great to easily manage. The mind reacts to the body with correlating thoughts that continue to charge the emotion, and they become caught in a continuing loop of emotional reinforcement that often continues until some outside event breaks the pattern. This negative emotional pattern is easily re-enacted by similar life circumstances.

When your awareness resides in the body, you can be with energies, beliefs, and internal movements that are deeper than the mind. These energies will allow you to have subtle yet profoundly different views and reactions to external events.

In these sessions, you will learn and practice techniques to control your awareness. You will not live from the head or be living in front of yourself as you react to the external world. You will learn to align your energy, mind, thought, and body. Living from the connected alignment allows you to live from the fullness of your being without being influenced by conditioning or reactivity. This is a skill that can be learned. It does take practice and effort to take control of attention and enhance the breadth and depth of your awareness.

To me consciousness development is a building block of the future evolution of humanity. We have experienced the narrow scope of the mind after eons of living from the body only, and now that the mind is quite developed, it is time to integrate the body and mind in each moment with awareness to see how we evolve.