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Session Information

I would appreciate comments and questions regarding my philosophies and treatment methods. I constantly and continually want to evolve within myself and to help others heal and develop. The world wide web is certainly a vehicle in which we can meet and connect with others in a process that has previously not been possible.

My present practice supports both short and regular length sessions. I will discuss the cost with you before we begin, but in general, the costs are:

  • Short session: $2.20 per minute; 15 to 45 minutes long
  • Regular session: $150; 75 minutes

I offer a sliding fee schedule for those who are unable to afford my regular rates and will negotiate rates for prepaid sessions. The © HudStone Images sliding fee is based on your income and your desire and determination to heal.

I try to be generous with my time. For on-going clients with weekly sessions, I do not charge for occasional short phone calls, and I encourage my clients to share through email without cost.

In my years, I have seen people with little money pay regularly and gift me with the bonus of their enthusiasm, and I've also seen millionaires who are worried about a few dollars. Many people have issues regarding their finances. Working through these issues in a respectful and compassionate manner has great value.