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I have always had an interest in manifestation. These sessions are designed to help you increase your focus and intention to manifest your dreams and desires. A synopsis of the process follows.

Step 1: You must have a clear understanding of what you want to manifest. You need clarity and a precise definition. If you tend to be vague or too broad, you will find it more difficult to manifest.

Step 2: Declare your desire in a life-affirming © HudStone Images manner, such as "I would like the experience of ______." This an important positive and life-affirming method of invitation for help from high energies according to Hans Christian King. An example is to request the experience to live in a world with peace instead of asking to live in a world without war. Also, you can avoid additional problems by putting forth the thought that you want this desire only if it is in your highest and best good. Finally, ask for it to come in an easy and relaxed manner.

Step 3: Create an attitude and energy of manifestation. Act as if the desired goal is present. If you want to manifest successful financial success, for example, behave in an open and flowing, responsible manner rather than a stingy or tight manner.

Step 4: Create a belief of unwavering conviction. You may suffer setbacks, but you view them as nothing more than a bump in the road. This conviction that you will achieve your goals will help carry you on to the next step in their process.

Step 5: Make daily movement toward that goal. You must evoke the energy of the goal throughout the day. This movement might take no more than seconds and consist of a created thought, or it might take much longer and consist of activities or behaviors to move you in a direct manner toward the manifestation outcome. Consciously plan this daily movement in the morning before arising and acknowledge it when retiring.

Step 6: Work with any fear arising through past conditioning. It is commonly believed that the most successful person has as much fear as any other person but keeps moving onward. Most likely, at some point, fear will © HudStone Images arise. You will need to view this as part of the process and not allow yourself to get stuck or be stymied by it. You almost always have to take some risk to accomplish your desires. I once heard that the only difference between success and failure is that the successful person continued on during times of perceived failure, whereas those who didn't succeed had discontinued their efforts before completing their goals.

Step 7: You will most likely need to move beyond your usual comfort level, which will lead to a greater understanding of your knowledge or abilities. You need to take that risk.

Step 8: Avoid preconceived notions of how the manifested outcome will look, as that may hinder the fulfillment of the goal or an even higher-quality experience of the goal or something similar but more powerful or important than the desired goal.

Step 9: Accept the goal as it starts to arise in your life, and acknowledge that you are worthy of receiving your desire.

I recommend one regular session to create clarity of the goal and continuing short sessions to maintain the process and work though the fears. I will encourage you to take the risks needed to fulfill your manifestations. Often times we encounter deep, limiting beliefs that shine forth and are strong when we work toward manifestation.