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My development as a healer over 25 years has led me to use a mind-body approach, which I believe to be the most effective healing tool available.

The foundation of my healing modalities is working with subtle energy and the subtle energy field. © HudStone Images In the last ten years a number of different therapies have come forth that work with subtle energies. They are called subtle energy or meridian therapies.

One of the originators of subtle energy therapies was Roger Callahan, who discovered thought field therapy. Callahan was a psychologist who studied Eastern medicine. While working with his clients, he noticed that when a person tapped on the major meridians of their body during a state of emotion, the underlying energy field was impacted, and the emotional state shifted. The stronger the emotional connection was held by the client, the greater the shift of the energy field. Some of these shifts were fully realized and permanent, whereas others simply reduced some of the emotional turbulence.

Callahan found that when a subject deepens into the body, he or she can continue to connect with other layers or parts of the presenting issue. At times, people connect a past © HudStone Images experience that was similar in context to the initial point of origin (the original experience that produced the emotion). At other times, deeper levels of the problem arise, and we can work at those levels until the problem collapses and the client feels relief.

Callahan and his followers soon discovered that subtle energy therapies can affect physical disease, leading to the conclusion that there is some connection between an individual's physical health and the quality of their energy field.

A number of other subtle energy therapies have been developed over the years. Some processes using subtle energy that do not even recognize the connection with subtle energy as they work to heal the emotional state and physical body. I have studied and worked with a number of these therapies. Gary Craig and Zivorad Slavinski start with touch in their subtle energy therapy to shift the subtle energies within the body to produce healing. Gary Sherman, Stephen Wolinsky, and Peter Levine use your intention and awareness by controlling and focusing your attention to shift and enhance these fields. I mix and match them in a unique way that makes use of my intuition, previous experience as a psychotherapist, and standard psychological principles to create a unique healing path for each individual.