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I have always had an interest in healing, growing, and evolving. I found that I could learn and heal quite a bit while talking on the telephone. Through my own healing and learning done on the phone, I decided to explore the reason it was an effective tool for me.

I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to develop a relationship without being face-to-face. After trying it, however, I concluded that forming the kind of trusting relationship that is needed for healing actually can be accomplished on the phone when I hold a strong presence for the person I'm talking with. In fact, in some ways it is easier, since clients don't seem to be as self-conscious about issues when someone isn't looking at them. We all fear being judged. Even when we aren't being judged, when it comes to our personal issues, we worry that we will be judged and won't measure up. The process of starting to trust and beginning to open and share is sometimes easier to create on the phone. Photo by Cheryl Jasper

The next question is whether we are able to work through issues and heal on the phone. I have found that talking on the phone uses the mind and the intellect. By adding tools of awareness and connection with and through the body (including some simple tapping or touching techniques that allow you to connect your body to your emotional thought stream), you can produce healing effects. I've concluded that the mind-body continuum can easily be addressed, and emotional or physical issues can be healed.

The body and the energy field do not need complex methods of touch to heal, because no thought or mind is involved. Simple techniques with encouragement and direction can produce positive results. The techniques I teach are gentle, non-invasive, and allow for healing to unfold in an easy and relaxed manner.

In person, although the visual field can provide cues, it adds another layer of complexity that can contribute to misinterpretation. Communication on the phone can actually provide more clarity through simplification that is essential for effective relationship. It makes the verbal part of relating more powerful than it would be in person, which can help in the healing process.

I will assess each individual situation and make recommendations based on my experience. On a rare occasion, when symptoms seem to be so severe and you live outside the San Francisco Bay Area, I will refer you to someone in your area or, preferably, work in conjunction with someone who lives close to you.

I do enjoy phone work and would truly like to develop a worldwide practice, touching people wherever they may live.